I often find myself in a debate with so-called DnB “purists” over the state of the scene these days. On the purist side, there’s a strong desire to remain embedded in the traditions and inception of the genre, staying close to its roots. On my side, I believe that it is the destiny of every genre to grow, evolve, and expand.

State Of Mind’s newest release, Eat The Rich, will please those on both sides of the divide. It is the perfect complement of traditional and evolutionary. There’s no words to really describe the album besides intense, groundbreaking, wonderful… Eat The Rich takes influences from all over the globe in order to create its rich sound and encompassing atmosphere.

Dino, featured on the track “Ghosts” is a Los Angeles native and is often seen as an MC at RESPECT Thursdays’ DnB showcases. Percieve is a hiphop lyricist from New Zealand. Black Sun Empire, of course, is one of the most influential DnB acts still going strong today. All of this boils down to State Of Mind’s ability to see past themselves and look for influences elsewhere. It shows brilliantly in tracks like “Put It On,” featuring DnB producer Nymfo from the Netherlands – that bassline is noticeably grittier and the distinct jump up rhythm is as infectious as SARS.

What the bottom line comes to is that State Of Mind is one of the groups leading the charge toward a bigger and better future for DnB. Besides that, they have also released one of the finest drum & bass tracks that I have heard in perhaps the last couple of months, maybe the last year. Check out the FREE bonus track ‘Helios’ below, as well as the rest of the album.

Support State Of Mind by checking out the album on Beatport now and worldwide on April 14th.