Can you believe that Nelly‘s classic chart-smashing hit “Ride Wit Me” is fifteen-years-old? Regardless, it’s an old-school guilty-pleasure track that takes us back to mid 2000 with Nelly’s debut album Country Grammar. What a time to be alive. Destiny’s Child was still a thing, a thirteen year-old named Lil Bow Wow released his first album, and R. Kelly didn’t pee on anyone yet.

Fast-forward to now and the young, San Franciscan Austen Afridi has given a summer-vibe rejuvenation to Nelly’s original claim to fame. Known professionally in the music industry as Viceroy, Austen preps for the next season with joyful blips and synths that compliment Nelly’s rap. The remix also gains a faster beat and maintains a happy mood from beginning to end.

If you like this sound that Viceroy is putting out in this song, check out his “Jet Life” series which includes reworks of songs from Wiz Khalifa, Notrious B.I.G., Will Smith, and Montell Jordan. If you want to hear this Nelly remix, check the SoundCloud link, grab a free copy, and rate or comment on this new rework for 2014.