One of my personal favorites out of Philly, Speaker of the House is always able to elucidate such vivid emotions through his productions that it’s often hard to tear myself away from his Soundcloud, despite being extremely familiar with all of his work. This track in particular transgresses a multitude of moods within it’s four and a half (something) minute expanse. Beautiful melodies skip hand-in-hand with professional-level synthesis in a tune that is full of true “west-coast” vibes as the title would have you believe. Yet another exceptionally composed dubstep tune, SOTH hits home yet again.

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Bloggers’ rant: If you go through all of my postings and actually read my write-ups, it is terribly easy to see which music legitimately inspires me. Speaker of the House has continually provided the soundtrack to some of my best writings since joining YourEDM, and for that alone I am eternally grateful. Shouts to Dylan Orvell, and my apologies for not getting this up sooner; from one of your biggest fans.