I think we can all agree on what a great message this brand spankin’ new EP from the guys of Styles&Complete has for us. The ‘Legalize It’ EP is comprised of “earthy” sounds that only build the desire to light one up. Though the EP is jam-packed with bass, it still manages to maintain a chill vibe that fits the title perfectly.

In the title track off the EP, “Legalize It,” you can really hear how far the duo has come. Though it might take some adjusting and getting used to, I personally feel that the guys have found a great sound for themselves. Opening with DJ Complete’s own vocals over a simple beat that eventually drops into a d&b type segment, it then breaks down into a mellower beat for the outro. This track really exercises their musical abilities, which is evident in their creative synth-work.

The second track, “They Want It,” is probably my second favorite off the EP, right behind “Legalize It.” Once again, the song is bursting with all types of unique sounds and unexpected breakdowns. A little “dub-ier” than the first, the track oscillates between tempos, which does well to keep listeners’ attention the whole way through.

Finally is the grimiest of the three, “Girl Scout Cookie.” Now be advised, if you’re listening to this with the bass cranked up, you might want to crank it down a notch… or 10. Once again, Complete’s vocals are used on top of the intro and build up, right before the bass is unleashed and knocks the wind out of you. This track, hands down, would have been a perfect addition to that epic Jack U set from Ultra; hopefully that gives you a clearer idea of the intensity of this piece.

Overall, ‘Legalize It’ is nothing but disgusting beats, overflowing bass, unheard of synths, and good vibes. Hey, maybe this EP will be a good enough reason to get some more states to hop on the legalization bandwagon.