2014, the year of the Skrillex is well underway with yet another endeavor from Sonny, who has issued a label that will promote exclusively free downloads from up-and-coming talents. Nest, a sort of extension of the multimedia platform Nest HQ, will be used to get selected acts into the light for people to see; it’s a very simple concept that, I think, will prove to be quite profound. Although it is not entirely a new concept, Skrill has proved he knows how to extrapolate from what’s already present and build from there in a genuine manner.

To start off the venture, AC Slater was called to the plate with his new five track EP entitled Back to the Floor. With the experimental/innovative nature of OWSLA, you can be damn sure Nest is going to bring special top-shelf material to the masses, which is just what we have here. AC Slater delves into a deep gorge of future vibes that will have you grooving along, despite the aim of the project not having its line of site on the dancefloor. AC wanted to put something out that conjures real, constructively emotional experiences in a listener; his idea that people need to lose themselves in music again is something I fully believe in. Starting off the brand new label with a release like this makes big statements for all involved parties. Make sure to download EP and ready yourself for even more music from Skrillex’s growing campgrounds.

Download Via Nest

The goal of the new label, Nest, falls right in line with Nest HQ’s ethos, increasing awareness for rising and established talent through free, direct download releases from the website while also providing widespread visibility on major retailers and streaming partners.
– PR