Kraddy last announced on Twitter that his new album Be A Light was to be done around the end of February. Then he let us know in early March that the tracks had come back mastered and the artwork was almost done. But we’re still waiting.

Then again, a producer has to have something to do in the meantime, right? That’s where this awesome remix of trip-hop/electro-pop group Echocell comes into play. They have a pretty close relationship with Kraddy, and this remix makes perfect use of the trippy, electro sounds and vocals in the original. It’s got hard hitting basslines and a wonderful experimental vibe to it. You’ll be bouncing your head along to this one the whole way. Pick it up as a free download, as well.

Echocell is headlining the Monolith Music Festival in Portland, OR on June 6 and they’ll be announcing some Southern California dates in the weeks to come. In the mean time, if you’re attending week 2 of Coachella, be sure to catch Kraddy at the Do Lab stage on the 19th!