Sometimes even Coachella has the lights turned down on its festivities. Unfortunately, the lights turned out for an attendee this year who passed away due to a drug overdose at the event’s first weekend. Kimchi Truong, a 24 year old Oakland resident was reported deceased after two hospital visits prompted by her collapse during a set in the hot Coachella sun. It pains me to have to report such a travesty; however, the pain that is felt by the friends and family is undaunted by anything my emotions can conjure up.

This is only the second recorded death at Coachella in its 16 years of existence. In 2008, a man also died of a drug overdose, but the report went quieter than the one we have today; friends of Kimchi have justifiably lashed out at reporters stating things like “Fucking vultures” and “Go fuck yourselves.” As a journalist, I understand the desire to get feedback and information, but when it comes to deaths, they already happened. There’s no need to pry for more information than is necessary for your story.

Our hearts go out to all the individuals who lost their dear friend last weekend. These incidents will happen, but we can help to minimize the occurrences with active force and useful knowledge. We all have something to learn here. One thing that I have already learned, though, is that I do not like to have to report such sad happenings to the world.