Due to the unfortunate deaths last year at Electric Zoo that cancelled the event’s third day, the organizers are implementing new safety measures to combat drug usage. Even before the event happens ticket buyers must watch an anti-drug announcement that will activate their wristbands for entry into the event whose time frame is shortened to allow for less sun exposure.

On top of those two statutes, Electric Zoo will also use more thorough pat-downs and drug sniffing dogs in conjunction with undercover narcotics specialists. As you can see, they are not messing around. In fact, they are also pondering the application of amnesty bins where festival-goers can discard their drugs with no penalty. These measures may seem unfair to some, but none of them are out of line, especially given the tragedies that we would like to avoid in the future. Accidents will happen, but if we can minimize any potential damage, and control any damage that does takes place, then that’s all we can ask of the event staff. Ultimately, it’s the fans responsibility to be smart.

Source: Wall Street Journal