I love technology. I really fucking love it. It was only a week ago that I reported on the Oculus Rift and its potential uses. Before that, NASA was the subject of interest with its new speaker system. This newest piece of innovative genius comes to us from Danish scientists Fysikshow, and could revolutionize the on-stage pyrotechnics at festivals.

The board is an expansion of the Rubens’ Tube – a simple row of holes that, when ignited, uses gas from a compressed tube to produce flame. When standing sound waves are added, it can produce interesting shapes and figures. This new innovation creates a 2D plane with which sound waves can play at an even greater capacity. The 2D model allows for more variation between sounds and is able to create many interesting designs. It is not a perfect science, and some of the models might be difficult to replicate.

Now imagine a full LED array at a festival main stage being replaced by that.

Music in the video: Kevin MacLeod – Ice Flow


Source: The Creators Project