With the impending release of his highly awaited album, Porter Robinson decided to take to Facebook to write an extended note to his fans and followers. Within the note, Porter touched upon a variety of topics, from his lack of touring to his past criticism of the “status quo.” The main focus of the message though, is to convey his thanks and appreciation for his fans, whom, he exclaims, have shown unrivaled support amidst his lack of activity. But enough of me talking, you’re here for his letter, so here you go:

and that’s why i love my fans

i’m so caffeinated right now and my writing here is sure to be really terrible and over-earnest so sorry about that

also i wrote a ton for this post and then deleted it because it focused too much on my past, but the ultimate point i want to make is this:

time and time again you guys have supported the direction i’ve gone in and it’s really really fucking liberating. so many artists i know are constantly facing backlash for every little stylistic deviation, whereas you guys have consistently had faith in me and my vision and the music that i write. i really, really, really cherish it.

as i was writing ‘worlds’, there was long, long gap with no releases and really sparse touring. and during that time, i was getting excited about the new music i was writing and tweeting incessantly about how it wasn’t the boring, functional music for DJs that electronic music is currently known for.

and dude, i don’t think that’s an easy time to be a fan of someone. i was putting out virtually nothing while criticizing the status quo. don’t get me wrong. it was necessary – i didn’t want to blindside people with the new material, so i wanted to let people know why i was losing interest in EDM – and it was critical for me to withhold the music so i could put it out as one, complete vision – but still, i think all the uncertainty was tough on fans.

y’all have stuck with me through all that. that means a ton.

i guess my main point is this: in order for me to feel decent about myself, i have to write music sincerely. you guys have made that much easier.

‘worlds’ is my favorite thing i’ve ever done in my entire life. the consistent support you guys have shown through thick and thin was a major factor in writing it without compromise. IT’S COMING SO SOON YOU GUYS, I SWEAR THIS TIME

but sincerely, thank you a lot. i literally fucking love you

If you’re one of the few people who still haven’t listened to Sea of Voices, you can do so here:

Source: Facebook