Back in 2012 the electronic music community let out a collective sigh of sadness when Rob Swire announced that Pendulum would be put on the back-burner in order to focus on Knife Party and other side projects.

Fortunately for everyone, that shift of focus onto Knife Party meant that the world was blessed with an insane amount of masterfully crafted bass music from Mr. Swire and Gareth McGrillen. However when 2012-2013 rolled around, Knife Party went oddly silent after getting the EDM scene all pumped up with the ‘Haunted House’ EP and some were worried that Knife Party would be joining Pendulum in the musical graveyard.

Thank god for Rob Swire’s Twitter.

In late August of 2013 Swire very casually tweeted that we could expect a full-length album from Knife Party in 2014. As if that wasn’t good enough, he also announced that Pendulum would be making a huge comeback and kicking down the door to clubs and houses around the world by releasing their first new album in almost 5 years!

Since his nonchalant announcement Swire has been fairly quiet about the development of the two albums until earlier this week when the Knife Party and Pendulum frontman tweeted that “Album finishing month starts now.”

Although he didn’t feel it necessary to say which album he was referring to, the innocently anxious child in me is going to assume that he means both albums. A world in which Pendulum and Knife Party release albums at the same time is a world I want to live in, and that’s a reality I choose to believe exists.

So say your prayers to based god every night, and maybe Rob Swire will bring you two bass-heavy masterpieces before Christmas.