These last few weeks, the names Lush & Simon keep hitting the Internet while grabbing all eyes and ears. The super duo have recently had tracks like “Drag Me To The Ground”, “Ahead Of Us”, and their vocal re-release of “City Of Lights” go up for sale and meet critical acclaim from a hungry scene waiting for more music. But the Italian, electro house tag team have a new song out and free to download called “Banshee” to get the heads banging and the adrenaline pumping. Lush & Simon had this to say about their latest freebie.

“This track is a giveaway for the fans for their crazy support and a celebration for our upcoming release coming on Nicky Romero’s Protocol.”

With that in mind, this gift from Lush & Simon will hold us all over while we await their latest concoction. Remember to leave your comments and ratings on “Banshee” and to grab the full song from their SoundCloud profile.