In a production competition who would win: Bassnectar or God?

Trick question. Bassnectar is god.

To increase the excitement for his highly anticipated 15 track album scheduled to drop June 24th, Bassnectar and Rye Rye release his first banger entitled “Now”. Hip-hop vocals over the quintessential sound that Bassnectar has used to dominate the bass game pair up to make this track a beautiful counterpoint between heavy bass music and cool, sexy vocals.

The album entitled #NVSB is described by Lorin himself as “representing a distinct point of a very unique spectrum.” To further the launch campaign and build excitement within Bassnectar fans everywhere, a contest is being held for the fans who can accurately guess what “#NVSB” stands for. Find more information on the contest here.

This update comes on the heals of Bassnectar sharing the potential track names of the album in early April. Nothing has been confirmed yet but we can expect #NVSB to bring some pretty epic collaborations. Bassnectar is known for frequenting the studio with ill.Gates, Jantsen, & Datsik and we have reason to believe that the new album will contain a collab with Protohype.


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