I hadn’t heard of Ostra until the two of his tracks we have for you today slid across my virtual desk. Although the LA producer has less than 100 fans on Facebook, his sonic skills landed him on DIEHIGH Records, who released “Won’t Do” and “Zu-Zumba” for free this week. Hip-hop and garage are obvious influences with unique forms trap and twerk being explored by the creative mind of Ostra. “Won’t Do” is a feel-good anthem perfect for any thirsty Thursday activities you may have going on later. There are so many good things about this track, I don’t know where to begin. I suggest listening in headphones so you can appreciate every subtle nuance of the production. “Zu-Zumba” comes next with some seriously cool sounds that display Ostra’s abilities to create memorable samples in an even more memorable song. It’s a little wacky, but damn is this a good record. Both can be downloaded for free through an email unlock if you follow the link below!

Free Download