ID&T and Intellitix are partnering up to make this year’s Mysterland a cashless experience. ID&T is a Dutch entertainment and medium enterprise that was founded in the early 1990s; it was acquired by SFX Entertainment last October.

All attendees will be equipped with chip-containing Mysteryland wristbands that can be loaded with funds before and during the festival. Customers can pre-load funds and set up automatic top-ups online, or use cash, credit cards and debit cards at top-up stations throughout the festival site.

And the best part is that any unused funds you have left on the wristbands will be refunded.

This is really good news for both fans and vendors. For fans, all that extra time spent waiting for the person in front of you in line to find “exact change” will no longer matter – just swipe and you’re golden. No worrying about loose change or bills falling out while you’re dancing. For vendors, that means that you’ll be able to serve more customers. “Intellitix said its system was proven to increase vendor sales by between 15 and 30 percent.”

“We’re known for continually pushing creative and technical boundaries, so the introduction of cashless payments was a natural next step,” an ID&T/Mysteryland spokesperson said in a statement. “It will significantly advance the fan experience by improving security, drastically cutting wait times for food & beverages, and eliminating theft and fraud. We are the first major electronic music festival to go completely cashless in the U.S. and see this as the future of all large-scale events.”

“Festivals in Europe have been innovating through introducing RFID in VIP and backstage applications for the past few seasons and are now moving toward a fully cashless event,” Intellitix CEO Serge Grimaux said in a statement. “It is fantastic to be working with the Mysteryland team, who have the vision to bring this technology to the North American market on such a grand scale.”


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