When Galantis released “You” it was an astounding success, having been played over 580,000 times in three months on their Soundcloud. One, or many of those plays came from a fan, Markquis, who also happens to be a Toronto producer who remixed the Galantis hit. Now living in the vast landscapes of Los Angeles, it’s no wonder the 21 year old’s spin has a more energy, yet still keeps with the big, anthemic qualities the original expressed so well. Beautiful use of counterpoint between the synths and propelling bassline is one of the main features that makes this song so enticing. Obviously when remixing a vocal track, you’re gonna have to use the vocal; what’s cool about this remix, compared to others, is Markquis took the time to put some nifty effects on it to really bring a fresh take to his fans. If you happen to be a fan, new or old, you can grab this freebie through the link below. I also suggest perusing through the rest of his tracks on his Soundcloud page!

Free Download