AFI is a name that I haven’t heard about in a long time. If you listened to punk rock in the early 2000’s (let’s face it, you did), then that name should be familiar, but an even more familiar name to you should be James Egbert. His album, The Void, is set for summer, whereas his remix of AFI’s “17 Crimes” has already been released for fans to sink their teeth into. When James drops down to 110 for a production, it excites me, because his past works at that bpm have all blown me away, but really, all his songs are incredible. With this remix he morphs moombahcore with some heavy glitch characteristics to further make the waters murky between these styles. It just shows James disregard for any limitations that may be presented in creating a musical work, further disassociating himself from the run of the mill crop of producers. To download his latest freebie, follow the link and submit your email to receive the actual download!

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