After 4 years since his first studio album Northern LightsGareth Emery came back with his highly anticipated second album called Drive on April 1. Featuring a lot of beautiful, evocative melodies and ethereal vocals from the likes of Bo Bruce, Christina Novelli, Krewella and his sister Roxanne Emery, the new album already hit the charts and has been warmly embraced by his fans. The Drive tour — which spans across the UK, North America and Australia — is well underway, and before his stop in Chicago (show details at the bottom), I briefly caught up with Gareth to learn more about his new album and tour.

Congratulations on your amazing album! Drive already hit the #1 spot in the US and Canada iTunes dance chart, and #27 on the overall charts. Given that this album was released on your own label without a lot of involvement from a major label, how did you feel knowing that your album got such positive reception?

Really humbled and blown away by the fan support. Although a US #1 is great, we weren’t expecting it, as you say as it was independently released and there were some epic records occupying the top few spots. Huge thanks to the fans for helping us get there!

You’ve mentioned in a past interview that Drive is an album about travel because it was written while you were on the road (and in air!). Did you have a story in mind that you wanted to tell through the track compilation?

It wasn’t so much a wanted to tell a story, but more create a feeling, of travel, space, and a journey. I took this amazing road trip with my wife on our honeymoon last year and it really inspired the concept.

What’s your favorite track off your album, and what makes it your favorite?

Such a tough question! I love all the tracks, and think there are some amazing collaborations with vocalists, but I would have to say “Long Way Home,” the last track. I don’t know what it is but something about that makes me feel quite emotional and really does feel like the end of a journey.

Drive has a different sound from all the other big room EDM tracks that are crowding up the scene. With your “return back to melody,” how will that affect what we can expect to hear in your sets for the Drive tour?

Melody is so key to me. I grew up playing piano and guitar so I think it’s natural to express a lot of that musicality in my productions. In terms of sets though, it depends on the crowd! There’s a time and a place for a groovy progressive melody just as a club banger.

You’ve been to Chicago several times, and I’m looking forward to seeing you back here! Do you have anything special planned for your upcoming performance in Chicago?

I won’t give too much away, but there will definitely be some new material played including some unheard remixes from the album. I love playing Chicago, an extremely cool city. Now, where is the best pizza pie…

To catch Gareth (with support from Michael Woods and Christina Novelli) in Chicago, get your tickets here or find him in your neck of the woods on

Chicago Show details:

June 27, 2014
Concord Music Hall
2047 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, Illinois 60647
Ages: 18+
Doors open at 9PM.


Photo Source: datatransmission