With continued and exalting success from his last album A Color Map of the Sun and the touring he’s done with his band since 2013, Pretty Lights is nowhere near to taking a break from making music for fans. Even with the release of the B-Sides album Hidden Shades featuring new originals and remixes, the Colorado hero continues to deliver tune after tune with a price tag of zero dollars. He has recently put out a free remix of the Five Knives track called “Savages” with some intricate glitch-hop that we has become our guilty pleasure.

Thirty seconds into it and Derek grabs listeners with glitchified vocals and begins hinting towards an impending intensity that PL always delivers. Around ten seconds later, the beat and rhythm kick in setting up what’s to come. But the teasing ends soon after tense drum-rolls, voluminous bass, and coursing vibes send listeners on an electronic adventure in sound. This remix is a testament to the style Mr. Smith has kept true to since Taking Up Your Precious Time, while displaying his evolution in music that has lead to this magnificent remix. It is a true spectacle and talent that he is able to take a song and Pretty-Lights-ify to such an extent that fans can tell a PL piece from a mile away, while still keeping room for new sounds and originality throughout the composition’s entirety.

Now this special freebie is available and a must-have item for anyone who needs a little electro boogey just before the weekend. Catch it now and leave your comments and ratings on what you thought of the remix of “Savages” by Five Knives.