Barely Alive teases us with no mercy on teasers of all four songs their forthcoming “Internet Streets” EP.

‘Streets’ leads off with “Cyber Bully” featuring Messinian, best known as the burly voice chanting away in Excision‘s legendary “X Rated.” All the anthemic vibes you might already expect from both artists are gloriously represented here.

Rifle Blow (ft. Soultrain) is easily the most interesting tune of the bunch, hitting hard with brass, bass and percussion. Judging on the preview alone, this is one of Barely Alive’s most unique cuts ever! We can’t wait to hear the full release – the one minute preview will have to suffice for now.

“Candy Kids,” a collaboration with label founder Datsik, will make you recall many of the excruciating quips in regards to molly/MDMA. Set in the style of Knife Party‘s “Centipede,” a drone-voiced narrator walks you through a brief history of the illicit drug that has engulfed the EDM scene in controversy over the years. A parody song of the molly media frenzy was inevitable for some time, and we couldn’t be any more pleased to see the idea land in these talented hands. (Imagine if Chainsmokers spoofed molly instead of selfies? Dear lord…)

Finally, The Frim checks in with their own remix of Cyber Bully. The sparse preview we got doesn’t exhibit much difference from the original, but any fans of the 22-year-old phenom will be satisfied!

Check out the previews below. “Internet Streets” drops in its entirety on May 26th!