The Brig are back with a new, pirate-themed EP! Following the success of “Mutiny” back in August, the “Black Pearl EP” represents Brig’s biggest progression in sound yet.

The titular track comes in like theme music to a classic Super Nintendo game. A game dubstep beat gives way to a house-y build, channeling back to dubstep again for an absolutely wild drop. There are simply too many sounds to manage here. Though a bit convoluted, this mega-intro appropriately sets the tone for a very unique EP.

“Hurricane” leads in next, providing more accessible, anthemic vibes, ingeniously weaving subtle voice chopping leads the intro sequence into another burly drop. The high-pitched electronic shrills remind me of Loadstar‘s classic banger “Second Skin.” Both songs teeter a fine line between awesome and absurd, and succeed!

Next up is “Never Stop,” fading in with a distinguishable breakbeat feel. Perhaps the most danceable track on the record, several different voices on the track exclaim “I like this” – we like it too.

“Air” closes things out with style: a quirky, Knife Party-inspired house hit. Again, prepare to be assaulted by an extensive palette of sounds. No bar in the drop is the same as the next!

Black Pearl is a gem. Follow The Brig on Facebook and show some love for Disciple Recordings on FB and Twitter!