At the end of last month, we presented a freebie in light of the announcement for The City EP from StéLouse. Well, that EP is here now in full and just as free as “Joyride” was. In experimenting with different genres, StéLouse was able to create a fresh project full of unique soundscapes ranging from heavenly trap to some chilled out ambiance. All four tracks are golden; if The City were any city at all, you could compare it to that of El Dorado or Atlantis, but the thing is, what we have here is tangible and ready for you. It’s hard to pick a favorite, although, “Sixteen” wins it for me. It takes some of the qualities of the other songs and puts it into a breakbeat jam. Don’t expect anything usual, because that isn’t what StéLouse is about.

Feel free to download the EP through the direct link below. No facebook gate!

Free Download