Can you imagine being at a festival and having the crowd be totally blown away by a track that they are just dead silent with awe? It’s probably harder for that to happen for a dance track, but “Loudest Silence” by Carlo Calabro may just be the right one for the job. Hard basslines in a heavy electro setting mean things will get ugly, but it’s the kind of ugly we love to get into. With the energy this song brings, you can say it isn’t for the faint of heart. High Contrast Recordings always backs incredibly good house music, so it is no wonder they snagged this to release that is set to be one of their biggest yet. With a sound reminiscent of Prydz and others, there is no telling of who this will get around to, especially now that we are getting into festival season. No matter where you hear it next, the fact remains that the Your EDM family premiered it to the world first, right here.

“Loudest Silence” will be released in full on June 16th, 2014.