Destroid‘s debut album “The Invasion” got the remix treatment by an all-star cast of bass juggernauts, including Datsik, Getter, Crizzly, ill.Gates, Funtcase, Bar9 and more! Taking on the Destroid formula is no light task, as group co-founders Excision and Downlink have already exposed us to some of the hardest hitting tunes ever with the help of drummer KJ Sawka. Strap in and prepare yourself for a fresh and mercilessly volatile run through EDM’s most hardcore sound!

Getter starts things up with his even-faster-paced take on “Activation.” Production is solid; the stable house beat feel more like an improved version of the original track than a remix. Firepower Records‘ finest are thoroughly represented throughout the album, and Getter nailed this classic tune. Firepower founder Datsik follows with his characteristic, deep wobbles on “Annihilate.” The pioneering producer is always keen to gently alter the intros of tracks he remixes to make for a super explosive, standout drop (his “Around the Block” remix is another example of this master talent). And, per usual, a chaotic drum & bass breakdown to send us out is always satisfying.

Few producers violently claw at the line between intensity and absurdity quite like Funtcase, so it’s only fitting he was invited to shatter “Crusaders.” What we knew as a bouncy house tune gets completely deconstructed in this dubbed out remix. Leave it to Funty to remind everyone else they haven’t gone hard enough – this one is brutal!

Adding to the god tier list of remixers is UK legend Bar9, taking the reigns on “Flip the Switch” ft. Messinian. Despite the shifty nature of the original tune, B9’s signature sound is a perfect fit. The minimal yet massive dubstep beat glorifies old-school style while ushering in the new with ignited pace. Check out his promo mix for Disciple Records for more examples of his hybrid technique!

Both Crizzly and Mightyfools dirty up “Put it Down,” Destroid’s original collaboration with Bassnectar. Criz’s ‘crunkstep’ style transforms the tune into a trap anthem that will resonate nicely with fans of Keys N’ Krates and ƱZ, while Mightyfools layered a lively, dutch house beat over their rendition. Judging the better remix boils down to genre preference since both tracks are superbly unique, but we’re glad both were included on the album.

Toronto beatsmith ill.Gates is the next faithfully adept producer on task with “Raise Your Fist.” The chant has been a predominant force in Destroid’s arsenal ever since it headlined Excision’s 2012 Shambhala mix, so how does one credibly remix the national anthem for bass music? Overhaul the whole production with a heavy, reggaeton groove. The result is hypnotic, extracting dance elements from the ‘rage’ and even featuring an original guitar interlude. To put it simply, no one can school you in the art of electronic rhythm quite like Mr. illiam B. Gates (really – have you checked out his workshop for aspiring producers?).

Barely Alive closes the tape with “Wasteland.” The duo lends highly melodic synth to the drop which characterizes the track in a whole new way; Destroid slays the original version like the theme to apocalyptic alien abduction, while Barely Alive’s cut sounds more like the human resistance. Too abstract? You ought to try describing beats like this. The Barely Alive guys are also celebrating the release of their “Internet Streets EP” today.

There has never been a more comprehensive opportunity to support bass music’s best, hardest-working talent. The Invasion Remixes sets the bar sky high for collaborative releases. Like a festival lineup for the ages, we will cherish the density of skill featured here forever. And remixed or not, Destroid should consider summoning all their beat-smashing cohorts onto a single album more often. Collectively, this is the strongest statement ever cast forth from the genre.

Download The Invasion Remixes now on iTunes or Beatport!