The native to Sweden Dj and producer, Avicii, has over the years of his career in the Electronic music scene charted within the top five billboard spots, conservatively, three times. We’ve seen “Hey Brother” and “Wake Me Up‘ reign over the competition holding on to number one and two positions consecutively for weeks at a time, and it’s an on going tradition. This ex-bedroom producer has gauged success through a plethora of endeavors in the music industry ultimately placing him respectfully ranked as a icon in the scene even when matched against some of the forefathers.

With such an upbeat persona and demeanor in his person and also portrayed in his music, it is no suspicion as to why Avicii has had such global success in this booming market. Like his latest single release off of Tim’s newest album, “True“, “Lay Me Down” meshes a pop vocalist that has been buzzing about ever since his appearance on the eighth season of American Idol, Adam Lambert, and recent guitar collaborator on Daft Punk’s album, Nile Rodgers. The three in accordance with each another produced such an exhilarating song comprised of both piercing and powerful vocals from Lambert, groovy guitar rifts from Rodgers and while taking into account that at the end of the day an “electronic dance music” genre label was slapped on the front of this record, Avicii ties all the puzzles pieces together by infusing his EDM roots we’ve come to love.

Now “Lay Me Down” is an older track but the “True tour” is in full swing and just a few days ago, a music video slash documentary for the tour was uploaded onto Avicii’s official Youtube page. Showcasing the track and a performance in Tim’s homeland, the video takes an aerial view around the auditorium as balloons and lasers fill that defined space with upwards of 50,000 Swedes dancing their hearts out.

If you liked the song, you’re going to enjoy the video! Give it a watch below and let us know what you think!

 -Chris Wood-