This three track EP fell upon my ears just today, and boy was I impressed. You’ve most likely never heard of Singapore based producer MYRNE, and neither had I. But I’m glad that my fortune has changed with this particular three track assemblage that was reportedly put together during a two month boot camp for the Singapore Armed Forces. It is massive.

Featuring hybrid-genre production with influences from electro, complextro, dubstep, and glitch, it is a bloggers wet dream. Genre bending at it’s purest form and a true expression of himself, MYRNE includes samples from Ukrainian protest news casts in track two and such a wide variation of instrumentation and synthesis throughout that it’s a wonder as to how he dreamed up these tunes.

The Tracks

Slaves To The 8-Bit
A pounding dance-beat and intricate melodies that mesh seamlessly with layered synths show the true-to-form glitch influence right from the get-go. Airy tines ascend into the second build that proves just as complex as the first. Background risers and incredulous percussion fall into an epic drop that fit a perfect dance-crazed track front to back.

Riots In The Streets
Aiming to strike a more emotional and violent chord, Riots In The Streets contains brilliant sampling from the recent Ukrainian uprising. Along with these perfectly chosen news-cast samples rides a simple, yet invigorating melody line into a heavy dubstep drop that contains all of the passion of a human rights fueled riot. This is quite possibly my favorite of the three.

The Fjord
Is a perfect ending to what has been a brief, but content-dense journey. Peaceful and airy synths play off of a growing bass-line into a hard-hitting drop that is something between a cross of Barely Alive and the infamous Kai Wachi. The sheer difference in the segments of this track and their ability to lead into each other so perfectly is absurd. I don’t know how he did it, by MYRNE has made a life-long fan of me despite my extremely nit-picky ear.

I never thought I’d see the day that I was so enthusiastic about an electronic producer from Singapore, but I can’t predict much anymore in the ever-evolving electronic dance music scene. But, kudos where do, pick up the full EP on Beatport here!