As the anticipation builds for Bassnectar‘s tenth studio album, Noise Vs. Beauty, we have been privileged to find relief in the almost weekly track releases off of the new album. This week, Bassnectar linked up with THUMP to break out “Hold On” ft. Tursi¬†another genre bending, melodic masterpiece that will provide a nice chilled out transition for his up-beat, high energy sets.

The track further signifies an evolution in the bass barron’s sound as he has been exploring more traditional dance music sounds that are rooted in four on the floor beat patterns and manipulating them to fit between those heavy 808s and snare rolls. We started to see this with the release of “Take You Down” last year and again in “Expanded” his collaboration with ill.Gates. This has been a welcome change of pace to fans, as we all know that the low key tracks that comprise the ‘beauty’ side of the new album, are only the calm before the ‘noise’ storm that will blow off the tops of all of our heads.

Big shout out to THUMP for dropping the track and you can read their full interview with Bassnectar here.

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