Ever wondered what the musical representation of waking up to a beautiful sunrise after an epic night’s journey might look like? Then you’re in luck, because Peter Farr AKA Urple Eeple‘s new track is precisely that; a luscious and laid back downtempo tune, ‘Morning After’ will have you floating through purple clouds and frolicking in sonic sunbeams. The track is masterfully crafted, perfectly layering glitchy, goopy synths with crystal clear piano flourishes and supremely sexy vocal samples. The progression of the track leaves nothing to be desired, ebbing and flowing with a style reminiscent of downtempo champion, Tipper. In Peter’s own words:

Morning After is about those moments where it begins to feel like you are finally alive.  In writing this piece I felt that emotion come through very strongly and I wanted to create a place that people could resonate with that moment/emotion while listening.”

Are you listening yet? Because you should be.

Urple Eeple has released ‘Morning After’ as a free download via The Waxhole, a music blog and independent label. It’s available exclusively via the Waxhole’s bandcamp page, so make sure to grab this fresh track if you’re feeling the vibes!


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