Enter Black Boots: “A couple of weird 90s kids pursuing our dream of never working a real job. We live for the party, the women, and the free food on our DJ rider. We come from the ghettos of Las Vegas and are tired of seeing David Guetta’s face on the billboard coming out of our backyard. Our music is a freakish hybrid of electronic, dance, urban, industrial, indie and of course, big room. We are looking for free-thinking, rebellious types who would like to fuck off and cause trouble with us.

Oh yeah and #fuckgenres”

Black Boots are here to stay, and they prove it yet again with their smash rework of chart-buster Get Low. Simple, yet effective production added to the intro and build precede re-done drops that are not only incredibly creative, but could be considered a heavier replacement for the original.

It’s hard to find remixes (reworks, whatever) that can truly contest an original track in terms of production value and creativity, but Black Boots have done it here. Snag the free download.