I am very stoked to be the first to bring you StereoHeroes latest track, Pong. Let me start off by saying that this tune is hilariously awesome. Be warned, that this Melbourne Bounce tune is going to lodge itself in your brain for the rest of the day.

The French super-duo, StereoHeroes have captured something unique with this song. Its distinctive sample gives new life to the often homogeneous Bounce style. Pong is an incredibly fun song, which balances energy and drive with a sense of humor and personality. While, the StereoHeroes spent a few months working under the radar, Pong is a more than fitting re-intro from this truly impressive act.

Seriously though, this song is a blast. See if you can listen without breaking a smile! Get your pong, pong, pong, pong on and check the song below.


StereoHeroes – Pong (Extended Mix) [Your EDM Premiere] 

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