Having claimed his reputation as a powerful sorcerer of Trance, the legendary Ferry Tayle has memorized and amazed countless scores of fans with his illuminating Proglifting style and his keen sense of harmonic aptitude. As the curator of instant classics such as Trapeze, L’Acrobat and Neptune’s Siren, he has been keeping himself quite busy in anticipation of his forthcoming artist album, The Wizard. In addition to a fantastic remix to Aly & Fila‘s single, Where To Now, he has recently released an amazing single EP on Always Alive Recordings entitled Rescue Me, which greatly featured the vocal talents of Erica Curran and additional work by hardy remixers Allen & Envy and Suncatcher, as well as two distinct alternative mixes from the big man himself. Meanwhile, his new album has taken him over 4 years in order to complete and is set to feature colossal collaborations by Daniel Kandi, Driftmoon and Stonevalley. His brand new single entitled The Way Back Home is a track that is taken from the album and was recently released on Always Alive once again, which was heavily supported by Armin van Buuren, Alex M.O.R.P.H., Photographer and John O’Callaghan. Now, the single makes a return with a highly anticipated remixes album, which features over FIVE different renditions; a number that is rarely seen in today’s day and age. It was incredibly hard to limit our choices to two artists, (as all of them are equally fantastic), but after much deliberation, we decided that the works of Monoverse and Matt Bowdidge are truly the best of the best out of the entire EP.



Ferry Tayle ft. Poppy- The Way Back Home (Monoverse Remix)


As a personal friend of his, I have been completely blown away at the progress that Monoverse has taken with his sound this year. Before my eyes, he has transformed from aspiring bedroom producer to a leading contender of Progressive Trance who has had big releases on DS-R, AEZ Recordings and Infrasonic Records. 2014 seems to be his breakout year, and his remix to The Way Back Home has certainly impressed Armin van Buuren, who personally hand picked it to be featured on his A State Of Trance radio show. While the Original exibited high quality Progressive Uplifting, Monoverse’s mix features exemplary Progressive Trance that capitalizes on his incredible, new found skills. While the vocals of Poppy smoothly glide over the entire arrangement, thick cut basslines and classic Prog Trance ostinatos provide a commanding presence on the mix as wisps of streaming synth chimes waver throughout the soundscape. The breakdown features serene chordal pads and a beautiful piano accompaniment, as the stage is set for the vocals to exude their magic with a sense of remembrance and solitude. With a build up that’s both subdued and aggressive, it suddenly launches into the sky with a wondrous, Beach-side drop that features cascading lead synths, pounding basskicks and curious Progressive stabs that adds a particularly nice touch to the arrangement. The combination of luminous melodies and heartfelt vocals effortlessly play off of each other and Monoverse provides a fantastic arena of timbres that washes the mind in everlasting bliss.



Ferry Tayle ft. Poppy- The Way Back Home (Matt Bowdidge Remix)


The quintessential talents of Matt Bowdidge is one that is highly sought after these days and in Indecent Noise‘s own words, he is, “One of the most consistent melodic Trance producers. His sound defines Trance“. As part of the fantastic Bowdidge & Taylor power duo, Matt is also a prolific producer on his own, as his releases of Still By Your Side and My Reflection, (as well as his upcoming Mental Asylum single, Sinister), all contain a unique connection between the inner soul of past Trance and the innovative sounds of tomorrow. His remix goes in a different style than his usual productions, as this is one of his first ventures into Proglifting that we can accurately remember. However, his performance is truly magnificent, as his emotional expertise greatly overflows throughout his astonishing timbres and unique sense of technical control. Like the other remixes, it is only slightly altered to the Original, as all of the Uplifting artists agreed to keep the traditional melody in tact. Matt‘s interpretation adds a little bit more drive and energy as opposed to the Club Mix and his subtle changes in basslines and rhythm sections innately adds his individual signature to the mix. Additionally, out of all the mixes, his is the one that best exemplifies the vocals, as the clarity and diction are perfectly crisp and understandable. While the sound is clearly Matt Bowdidge, this new foray into Prog Lifting is gorgeous in the sense that it contains the power that’s needed to leave a lasting imprint on the listener and it combines emotionality with danceability to fuse together the best of both worlds.



Monoverse & Matt Bowdidge‘s remixes of The Way Back Home is out now on Always Alive Recordings, so make sure you purchase your copies and support real talent! Make sure to check out the New World, Dan Stone and Club Mixes as well!


Keep the music alive. -Q