Within what could only be described as a chance encounter, the masters of driving Trance finally meet face to face with the prince of darkness with a brilliant collaboration between Aaron Camz and Solis & Sean Truby. For years, Camz has been an essential part of the legendary Coldharbour family and his individual style of Trance closely reflects the brooding, dark nature that has become so customary of Markus Schulz‘s personal style. Recently, Camz has been a little inactive as of late, as his last single of Emission was released in May of last year. However, he has quickly been heating up after the release of an unofficial bootleg to Bart Claessen‘s classic Trance anthem, Playmo and a stellar guest mix on Global DJ Broadcast that actively combines Techno and Trance in an unusually fresh approach to track selection. On the other hand, the quintessential gurus of Trance have been kicking off their own careers with a slew of unreleased material, some of which include their emotionally charged Miami mix of Ilo‘s Rapture and their earth shaking remix of Gareth Emery‘s Exposure. These two iconic producers have worked in the past with powerful upcoming Trance artists such as Fisherman & Hawkins, Broning and Harry Square and their wondrous brand of Trance is only rivaled by the sheer amount of broad versatility within their tracks. While their collaboration of Consequence is without measure a powerful and deadly Trance tool alone, it is actually the upcoming talent of Dan Dobson that has stolen the show for us here at Your EDM.


Within our weekly Trance coverage, we try our best to include artists that show exemplary promise among the seasoned veterans, and we absolutely love it when an artist completely smashes it with any release. Dan Dobson has only been producing for 2 years and was a graduate of the Manchester MIDI School, which is highly unusual since over 50% of all producers nowadays are self taught after years of self trial and error. After his last two singles of Purple and Dark Passenger, this new remix has shown that his abilities have skyrocketed towards international levels in an amazingly short amount of time and his ability to infuse a raw, passionate personality into a single remix shows his maturity as a developing musician. Dobson‘s Uplifting mix manages to keep the essential sound of Coldharbour and the purity of Solis & Sean Truby whilst delivering a unique side-interpretation of the Original. Right away, listeners will notice the phenomenal instrumentation that’s effortlessly pieced together and organized, and its razor sliced EQ settings bring a fine level of shaved timbres that neatly fit inside the immaculate arrangement. His superior production value clearly shines throughout the beginning and breakdown and his acute attention to detail is evident throughout each and every nook and cranny of the track. Finally, the main melody is deeply impacted within its solemn minor qualities and the pure emotions that Dobson rips out of the body truly pull the heartstrings in a sorrow filled experience of everlasting beauty.

Dan Dobson‘s sensational remix to Aaron Camz and Solis & Sean Truby‘s collaboration, Consequence, is now available on Interstate Recordings via Beatport, so make sure you purchase a copy and support real talent!


Keep the music alive. -Q