I’m always left wondering, “How’s he gonna top this?” Each time, he does it again. He, being Kastra, is owning the house game right now. His own version of “Lemonade” is even sweeter than the original to the point where DJ Rhiannon, Shiny and Ruby Sparks all would admit it’s better. He manages to take “fun,” mix it in a musical blender and pour the refreshing tones into your ears all for free. I think everyone can agree that the bassline is too funky; I think that’s the highlight element for me. When a tune like this comes a long, it makes me miss having gotten into Djing. I can only imagine what it feels like when Kastra plays this live, and it’s his song, not mine. I’d even be ecstatic to see the reaction. In fact, we’d like to know your reaction to this cut. Let us know in the comments!

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