Imagine you grew up extremely poor with a family of mice, as a bear, after your Mother died when you were young. How would you turn out? Probably not as good as Bear Grillz has I’d say. As if living through a horrible childhood wasn’t enough, BG was shot on multiple occasions, yet he was still able to make hit records like Now That’s What I Call EDM!, as well as his “Selfie” bootleg and his original “Fan Mail.” Which speaking of, he’s had his fair share of expressive haters too. No matter what is put in front of him though, this beast gets through with it as if it were a nice barbecued marmot, complete with a sweet honey glaze. Real easy.

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His talents and success are unmatched – he has money, women, adoring fans and the Firepower Records family by his side – yet he still has more to bless the world with. Your EDM is presenting the initial announcement for Bear Grillz & Friends Volume 1, which is set to be released August 5th. Collaborators on the project include 12th Planet, The Frim, Protohype and of course, Datsik.

1. Bear Grillz & Datsik – Drop That Low
2. Bear Grillz & 12th Planet – Big Room
3. Bear Grillz & Protohype – Uh Oh
4. Bear Grillz & The Frim – It’s Fucking Dubstep

Aside from this major announcement, I caught up with BG and he revealed even more information to me, including his human death toll, who’s behind his classic artworks and the fact that he has a fall tour coming. Did I also mention there’s an EP release party in the works for Hollywood? There is no way something this big was not going to have a celebratory blowout.

See what else Bear Grillz had to say to me while you enjoy his latest single “Thirsty (Dubstep Vip),” which you can download for free. For those of you sitting on a toilet or wearing a diaper, you are much more prepared for it than other readers.

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Your EDM Interview:

1. How was it like growing up as a bear? How are things now?

BG: Growing up fucking sucked. I used to get picked on by all the local squirrels because I was shit at catching fish. Now everything has changed and I get shitloads of women and money it’s great.

2. What got you into wanting to create music?

BG: Women and money.

3. Did Firepower reach out to you? Or did you approach them to be a part of the family?

BG: I actually dropped a demo off in person outside Datsik’s house. His neighbor is very old and tried to chase me off with a stick and threatened to call the police so I caved her head into the pavement with my paw. It was a lot more violent than I’d hoped my introduction to the music industry to be but it got the job done.

4. You’re coming out with your third EP, can you tell us a little about it and how it came together?

BG: It seems everyone wants to work with me right now. Critics are hailing me ‘the next big thing,’ and I can’t work out whether they’re referring to my weight. Anyway, everything came together pretty quickly once people got over the fact that I actually really am a bear, and I have even offered to pay the funeral arrangements after murdering 12th Planet’s cat for dinner.

5. You have some interesting artwork, do you create them yourself?

BG: No. I’ve tried to draw but I keep on breaking the crayons in my paw. I pay a goose from the village named Craig who is hot shit on Photoshop.

6. How many people total did you eat in order to gain enough laptops to make this EP, or do you still have the solar charger you found? Do we have a total count for the career?

BG: Yeah 68 and counting.

7. What liberty does remaining anonymous provide you? How does it limit you in performances or otherwise?

BG: I have never tried to hide my identity. Everyone keeps asking whether I am Protohype or Datsik and the answer is no, I’m Bear Grillz. Nobody goes around asking ‘who is Datsik.’ People need to stop being so racist and just accept me for who I am.

8. Are there any singers you’d like to work with?

BG: I’ve always sung all my own songs. Most of them are about smoking weed. I actually sung a duet with Datsik recently which you will be hearing later in the year. It’s about smoking weed.

9. Has The Duck helped you spiritually or musically? What has led you not to eat him?

BG: He’s the least spiritual person I have ever met. If you saw half the shit I’ve seen him do you wouldn’t want to eat him either, trust me.

10. What software do you use to create your music? Favorite plugin?

BG: I mainly use FL Studio although a lot of the collab EP was also done on Ableton as the other guys all used it. The only plugin I use is Massive.

11. Any tips for other bear/human producers out there?

BG: If you’re in it for the right reasons, never give up your dreams. There’s money at the end of it.

12. What can we expect for the rest of the year?

BG: Loads of bangers and a gigantic fall tour.

PS, Will the world ever see the human face of Bear Grillz?

BG: That would be fucking weird. Stop being racist.