TomorrowWorld is known for its expert ability to curate an atmosphere of non-stop party, party, party! But have you taken the time to notice that they are also dynamite at designing the perfect surroundings for what time of day it is? Or for what genre of music is being played? Or which artists they choose to make these choices for them (i.e. Pete Tong and his All Gone stage)?

Throwing a world famous festival goes well beyond choosing the hottest artists who are currently playing the songs hundreds of thousands of people are dying to hear; its about cultivating the perfect environment for the exact kind of music that should be heard at that time and in that place. Last year’s 8 stages ran the gamut from main stage trance to booming hardstyle while paying homage to nearly every genre in between. When you went to The Fool’s Gold Stage at 4pm, you were hearing and experiencing exactly what you would want from that label at that time of day. Procuring an entire festival with this kind of precision and acquiring top notch talent to bring the listener exactly what they came for is a formula so complex people spend their entire lifetime becoming good at. It’s hard enough to accomplish this at one stage all day… just imagine 8.

I don’t know the ins and outs of being a master at talent acquisition and live performance scheduling, but I can recognize when someone is doing it well in front of me. Part of the reason TomorrowWorld is such a special experience is their unparalleled ability to bring in the best names at the best times to the most amazing stages you’ve ever seen in every genre imaginable. From Top 40 to underground, everything your heart desires will be in Georgia from September 26th-28th.

In no particular order, here are ten songs from diverse genres that will be well represented at TomorrowWorld this fall. If you have never heard of someone or their song before, make sure that’s what you click on. You never know what kind of awesome you might find when your mind is open. If you don’t like a certain song or genre–chances are you just aren’t experiencing it in the way it was meant to be enjoyed. Step out of your comfort zone. Try something new.

Remember… if you buy your ticket through Your EDM’s Official TomorrowWorld Ambassador it is the regular price + you receive a FREE gift bag full of goodies that other purchasers don’t receive. Also, one person per week will be randomly chosen and upgraded to VIP status. If your name isn’t chosen, it stays in the pot. This means that the sooner you buy your ticket the more chances you have to be chosen for the VIP upgrade! Just head to the Official TomorrowWorld Ambassador Ticket Website and use promo code “Sydney”. If you have any questions about the process or would just like to talk to an informed Ambassador of TomorrowWorld about the festival, my contact information can be found below. Come join in on the madness this year!