First of all, HAPPY JULY 4th!!

Are you ready for “Ready?” I wasn’t when I first saw the Hasson Bro‘s track on our Soundcloud, because I actually hadn’t heard of this Irish duo. Their electrifying production is just the thing you need this Independence Day to get a real rager going. The intro is well constructed and the acid-like bassline would blow away any crowd. I’d like to see more of this kind of house being released by producers and I hope to hear more soon from these awesome producers!

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Bad Vision brings the heat with another big room banger in “Hellimba.” The stabs aren’t the atypical one you may be expecting and the melodic structure is more complicated; these guys didn’t take the easy way out in trying to create a hit. I can just see this getting dropped at something like “All Gone To Sea” and everyone going absolutely bonkers. I know these guys have more music on the ready, so be on the lookout for the goodies that are to come.

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It’s basically America day, so it felt mighty appropriate to include USA’s #1 rave advocate, Tommie Sunshine, and Halfway House‘s freebie single, “Give Up The Funk.” The sampling of Parliament was unexpected, but I couldn’t be more ecstatic that it made its way in the arrangement. After the drop you are met with a familiar melody and huge party vibes. This track came out two weeks ago, but it still deserves some love, so we had to share!

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Rudy Zensky is heavily pushing the hardstyle sound and I am loving it. He took Khoma’s “Asylum” and turned up the energy a few levels. It doesn’t come as aggressive as some other hardstyle tracks I’ve heard, but Rudy has his own style that brings a fresh take on things. The vocal drops is crazy vicious and what follows is equally as intense. Make sure to grab this one for free through his Facebook below. Rudy also has more coming that I’ve had the pleasure of peeping; all I can say is: Wow.

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Jordan Jay closes things out with his remix of “Ain’t Gotta Lie.” This is something I could see Kaskade dropping at one of his Redux shows; it’s a smooth deep house production with a funky groove you can’t escape. Whether you are kicking it by the pool or turning down a bit after a full day of drinking, this will be perfect for the occasion. There are a few remixes of this song out there, but I think this is my favorite remix out of them all. Actually, it is for sure. Stream it below and get into the bonus tracks that we are giving you for the holiday!