This week was a big week for America. Yesterday was the Fourth of July and the first of the month saw the publishing of the America, Fuck Yeah!!! album. Brooklyn Fire‘s fiftieth release went off with a bang at the release party and the compilation has had success throughout the entire week with more to come.

The size of the project is massive, boasting thirty songs that get right down to what good dance music is all about, one part being diversity. It’s house driven, but with tracks like “Sucka” and Amen‘s edit of “Odyssey,” you get the variety you were looking for. Contributors include TJR, Live City, $yrup, Dave Silcox, Intermodal and many, many more. Each producer brought high quality work, but my personal favorites are Lefty’s “Zoo” and “Laced With Acid” by KRMT, as well as “Brooklyn Fire Bootleg” by Disco Fries, which is ever so fitting as the concluding track. Stream all thirty songs below and check out Tommie Sunshine and Live City’s seventy minute mix for the release. Head over to Beatport to buy the goods!

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