MitiS just released what is likely to be the most vibey release of the year. Sorry Porter Robinson. Even though I feel blatantly cheesy and slightly pathetic for saying that, it’s true. His Touch EP, that was released today through his label Born Records, has a theme of glorified serenity that runs throughout the six tracks. After you have a listen to this musical treasure chest, you might end up agreeing with my first sentence. However, if you don’t, chances are you will still dig the tunes because they are pure excellence.

“The Opening Part 2” is the only house cut, but it sets the tone for the rest of the songs with its inspirative qualities. There are two versions of “Touch,” one that you can download for free and one that features the vocalist Shana J. Munson. Next comes two downtempo works of wonder that sound as though they were sent down straight from heaven. Their ambiance and uplifting nature are both undeniable and inescapable once your ears become privy to the beatific tones. “Breezes” whisks you away into the sunset to close the EP. Even if you aren’t a fan of drum & bass, I have a feeling you still going to jive with this original. It shares all the previously mentioned qualities, but this time they stand behind the iconic breakbeat drum pattern. Purchase the Touch EP through the iTunes link and make sure to head over to MitiS Facebook page to get the freebie.

Free Download of “Touch”
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