A couple weeks ago, Skrillex made a trip to the UK for the 2014 Glastonbury festival where he put on a massive show; so much so, that his performance got a 5-star rave review from The Guardian.  According to Kate Hutchinson from The Guardian, the only bad thing about the performance was that it eventually come to an end. “No, really. Nothing else, not even the Shangri-La, will match this madness tonight.” So as you can imagine, it was quite the spectacle.

Well, yesterday (July 8th), Sonny put out a recap video of the shenanigans that ensued. From “bring your bros on stage” moments, to backstage sing-alongs, to the epic countdown that preceded Skrillex’ massive 51-track masterpiece of a set, this video has got it all. Check it out below.

You can check out Skrillex‘ full set at Glastonbury festival here (track-list included).