Britain’s Curious Kontrol has given Your EDM the chance to premiere his remix of “Need U 100%” today. After releasing his Heatwave EP, he’s released numerous tracks with the Duke Dumont edit being his latest, and in my opinion, the most fresh. His future sound takes a breather this time to let his creativity with the house genre come out in full. The rhythmic structures are tight, tasteful and mesh well with the tonality. Fit with gleaming melodies and an overall jolly vibe, this track will invigorate the listener for a four minute frenzy of pure fortitude. Curious Kontrol will be releasing an EP through Subterra Records later this Summer, however I’m not sure if it will feature more music like this, or more towards stuff he has been releasing. No matter, you know you are getting something good when this dude drops a track. And this one is free!

Free Download