Yesterday, Krewella took to Facebook to announce a 14-date international tour that kicked off a few days ago in Spain. With stops including the DJ hot spot Ibiza, Global Gathering in the UK, and even Belgium’s legendary TommorowLand, the Krew’s foreign fanbase will have plenty of opportunities to get wet this summer.


It’s been a little while since I’ve gotten a chance to write about the Krew so I wanted to use this as an opportunity to make sure you guys are up to date on everything they’ve been doing recently. Shortly after their set on the main stage at EDC Las Vegas, Jahan and Yasmine snuck over to the BassPOD, got dressed up in disguises (pictured below), and then proceeded to spin one of the filthiest drum and bass/dubstep sets of the weekend.


The festival-attendees couldn’t help but wonder who the masked DJs were, and I’m sure many of them were shocked when the girls removed their disguises and I don’t blame them; these girls who are known for their poppy vocals and radio-friendly hooks had melted nearly every face in the crowd and it was only 15 minutes into their surprise set. “Dance music is not about discrimination of gender, sex, or race,” Yasmine said. “We’re all here to get fucking sweaty,” and she couldn’t be more right.

Coming on right after bass music legends Kill The Noise and Excision, the Krew had quite the task ahead of them, but they held their own and then some! Check out the tracklist if you don’t believe me, or better yet watch the video below. For someone who first got into Krewella thanks their heavier tracks like “One Minute” and “Feel Me” rather than their first radio hit “Alive,” it’s incredibly reassuring to know that the Krew’s roots in bass music will never die; there’s no doubt in my mind that their sophomore album will only serve to strengthen this point.


Krewella’s Surprise DnB/Dubstep Set at EDC


Finally, in honor of the release of their “Future Sound of EDM” compilation, Krewella did a short Twitter Q&A for Ministry of Sound. If you’ve ever found yourself wondering if Jahan and Rain Man have ever dated or what their favorite part about living the Krewlife is then you’ll find your answer inside: