A couple days ago, VMP, aka Marco Vampa, released his official debut EP via Most Addictive Records. Vampa is based out of Milan, Italy, and is a dubstep producer with the occasional Electro tune here and there. His debut EP “Turn Back” features 4 tracks, and they’re quite good.

1. Turn Back

The title track is basically an intense dubstep banger. It starts out heavy right off the bat with a deep sub-bass in the background giving the track a nice “full” sound. “Turn Back” is shaped by the intense growling synths running throughout the entirety of the tune. making for a pretty heavy title track. From the hard-hitting drums to the extremely grimy bass synths, this tune is a force to be reckoned with.


2. Crash

Coming up next is “Crash,” the electro tune of the EP. This one actually has a nice groovy feel to it, making for a pretty diverse EP. Rather than just sticking to the growly, grimy, heavy vibes, VMP chose to experiment around a little with different styles, which is always awesome to see.


3. Wompa

The third tune on the EP, “Wompa,” goes back the the title track’s hard-hitting dubstep style. This one has an interesting chord progression throughout the drops reminiscent of Skrillex’ “All If Fair In Love And Brostep,” but with a more melodic approach, giving the tune an interesting general feel. It’s pretty heavy, but has some melodic elements in there, so it’s not too dry. Cool tune.


4. Landlubber

Ahh yes, a downtempo tune. This one is probably my favorite out of the bunch. Bass-heavy, groovy, unadulterated destruction. It incorporates elements from many different genres into it, making for a really fresh track. With a chord progression similar to that of “Wompa’s” running throughout the tune, “Landlubber” has the groovy down-tempo vibes accompanied by elements of dubstep, making for an awesome tune. It’s style is kind of like big-room house when you think about in that it incorporates so many genres into one, but thankfully, the style hasn’t been run into the ground (yet), so it’s still cool. Also, those vocal samples are just perfect.


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