Pendulum frontman and half of the Australian duo Knife Party, Rob Swire, just took to Twitter to give an interesting tidbit of information on the highly awaited Pendulum album. It was barely a year ago that Rob Swire, again on Twitter, made the earth shaking announcement that Pendulum was coming back with a full length album. The Twitter-verse broke, the EDM scene shook, and Drum n Bass fans from around the globe stood up in unison. Fast-forward to today and we are finally getting a bit more information on the much-anticipated release. In the form of a reply, Rob Swire said the following:

So there you have it folks. Knife Party album this year, Pendulum album the next. It’s not quite what he had promised before, but it’s definitely better than nothing! So, Pendulum fans around the world rejoice! The day is finally in sight, although a bit further away than we first expected.