Un4get is an act you won’t forget. The Bloody Violence EP is another thing you won’t forget. This two track EP was released for free by Jet Set Trash this week and it’s gone under the radar of most people. With the incredible bass sound design and the electrifying energy these two songs possess, I find myself wondering just why the hell it has so little plays. “Avalanche” takes the first half of the project with its wild basslines and funky vocal edits. Trashy and fun, this is the only “Avalanche” I’d love to be engulfed by. Closing the EP is the title track that is even more adventurous than the previous song. Wicked neuro basses slap you in the face and command that you dance your heart out. European trash house at some of its finest, the Bloody Violence EP is enough to have me hooked to Un4get. Stay up to date on the duo by following them on Facebook and make sure to grab the EP below.

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