Once again big room is done right. Willy Joy, who can quite literally produce anything and everything, has taken to doing an official remix for Major Lazer and Sean Paul. His take on “Come On To Me” will be released through Mad Decent, however no date is set as of yet. You do get the full stream, which is more than enough to satisfy your ears.

Willy uses some wonky sounds that would be fun to hear by themselves, but the Chicago producer arranges them decorously to create a convivial dance record. Obviously, it’s more involved than other tracks of the same genre, but I think what gets me most is the sound selection. And he crafts them exceptionally well, fitting them all into the mix in their own distinct spatial home. This is one of those tracks that could totally get played out for the rest of the year, and it just might. With Willy Joy’s popularity – which continues to increase – and the backing of Mad Decent, prepare yourself for that to happen.