You see, one of the things that made “big room” so monotonous was the fact that not many people were really doing anything with it. It stagnated. However, a Conspectus chapter veteran, Rudy Zensky, teamed up with Bladex, who also happened to make it in a chapter, to create what can only be called hard room. It’s like it’s counterpart, but basically with way more balls. “Ravager” is a gutsy production that goes even harder than you think, even after you are already in the heat of things. You better save at least some of that energy, because the second drop comes even more aggressively than the first. Rage your heart out to this one, head bang to it (try not to get whiplash), or even send out a thank you card to Ensis Records for releasing this bad boy. Support Rudy & Bladex by making a purchase through Beatport.

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