I’ve had the privilege to premiere his last few tracks here on Your EDM and can hardly contain my excitement for this brand new one from up and coming talent Nico Schinco. He’s already landed past tracks on Beatport‘s top 100 as well as recognition by countless blogs and a few labels. Just when I didn’t think his tunes could get any stronger Nico continues to best my expectations with new tracks that are a simply incredible. “Monarch” is no exception to these standards as it’s another gem in Nico’s arsenal.

He incorporates his unique, wandering arpeggios meddled with wonderful syncopation of harmonies to compliment. It’s brooding vibe sends you into a trance as you’re hit with a maze of euphoria. About halfway through you’ll be encompassed in the beautiful ambiance, building with a uplifting synth pluck. Without giving too much away, the final drop will probably have you on the floor. Listen below and let us know what you think!!