Danzfolk is back with the second track in a series of epic house tunes set to the theme of the Sand Creek Massacre. What sets all of their tracks apart from the rabble is the intense cinematic qualities they possess. The first track ‘Colorado Cavalry’ was such a huge breath of fresh air that even I, someone who generally listens to dubstep and DnB, had to write about it.

This next track, ‘Cheyenne Indians’, sounds largely influenced by Swedish House Mafia’s ‘Greyhound’, or at least in the same vein. It’s got that futuristic, almost combative feel to it. Something about the energy just invokes the feeling of urgency and distress. But that isn’t even the good part. Danzfolk’s creativity really truly shines in the cinematic breakdown at 1:46, when energy drops and the real meat of the track emerges. With vocal and string samples tying everything together, that’s when a ‘track’ becomes a ‘song.’

You can check out the track below and download it for free HERE.