The thing about genres is they are stereotyped for a reason – house has those repetitive 4×4 beats, dubstep has the wubs, hardstyle has hilariously large kicks, what have you. Stereotypes more often than not lead to prejudice, especially in music. Whenever I hear that a track is House, I generally dismiss it as hyped up, mass-appeal drivel. Part of that is perhaps my fault for not finding “good” house, but a lot of the blame is on producers who become absurdly famous producing just that.

tyDi just recently made a post on Facebook decrying producers for making cookie cutter tracks, saying “Congrats you’ve put a kick, bass, clap and a slamming synth all on the same beat. That’s really loud. Now can I please hear a f*cking SONG?! … We should treat the crowd like a lady. Bring back the passion, keep them wanting it. The longer the wait, the better the payoff. My audience isn’t a slut. They want passion, they want an experience.”

Danzfolk has encapsulated that message with their new track ‘Colorado Cavalry’ through-and-through. The track itself is nearly six minutes long, with the build up comprising nearly 75% of the song. That doesn’t mean much just by itself, though. Anyone can make a track like that. It’s what Danzfolk does with the time. They create a deep, cinematic atmosphere filled with rich brass instruments and “Old West”-esque samples; drawing the listener in. Literally, as tyDi put it, “keep them wanting it.”

The drop itself is original and fresh, staying with the general theme of the whole track. There’s no let down as in big room, with the brilliantly arranged chords and the abysmally uninspired “drop.” The whole song is an experience and a journey, and if more “House” was like this, I would be a huge fan. Oh well.

Download the track by visiting Danzfolk’s Facebook page HERE and give them a Like. They deserve it.