Hype regarding Dead Exit‘s upcoming EP is reaching that point where if fans don’t get what they want soon the apocalypse may come sooner than we expected.

“Snake” is one track from the project. The dub tune has an intro similar to “Centipede” with a deep baritone narrator educating the listener on the ins-and-outs of snakes and snake bites. Firepower Records handed this one down to Your EDM for a premiere that will tear your speakers up like no other.

If you aren’t satisfied with all the bass, then there’s just no satisfying you (and you probably have something wrong with your brain). The growls are just the beginning; there are numerous sounds you’ll find yourself basking in, including the short house phrase that has to be poking a little fun at big room. “Snake” is going to be everyone’s new favorite animal after it sinks its teeth into the mass of ravers who shall be exposed to this one. It already got me and a heap of others, but now it’s here for you to stream before it comes out on the 29th!

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